Download Games




Step 1: Download Vitalize!
The Vitalize! plugin by Clickteam is required to play games in the arcade. Works for Windows computers running Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla.
Normal Version- 570kb
Full Version- 1.8mb

Step 2: Play Games!

  Globe Chase Online Learn your geography in this fast, fun Vitalize! game. Run to the territory displayed as quickly as possible, and if you do well enough, advance to the next round. Compete against the world online for a high score! 7 maps, including U.S. States and Capitols.
  Space Breakout Manuever your spaceship to knock the ball against the bricks in this fast paced arcade game based on the original Breakout. Get a high score and become Champion of the Universe!
  Air Attack Destroy the enemy warplanes, missiles and paratroopers, in this action packed war game that continually keeps you on your toes. Game gets progressively harder as you continue to play. Try for a high score!

Copyright 2002 Adam Roberts